Olympic Posters

A unique opportunity is provided to an organising committee when preparing for the Olympic Games. Artistic freedom, graphic crafts, historical background and contemporary elements can be incorporated into the design of an indispensable advertising medium, i.e. the poster.

By combining Antiquity and Modernism in the artistic design, one can, for example, express the zeitgeist between sport and art.

The first official Olympic poster was designed by Olle Hjortzberg of the Royal Academy in Sweden for the Fifth Stockholm Olympic Games in 1912, and even printed in 16 different languages with a circulation of 88,350 copies.

In succeeding summer and winter Olympic Games, the authorities have been equally very creative in the issuing of posters. Be it different designs, various poster formats, whole series of posters advertising various sport disciplines or abstract artistic elements, much has been artistically designed and printed.


A paradise not just for the avid Olympia collector!