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Prolympo e.V., the International Association of Olympic Memorabilia Collectors offers membership to everybody interested in the topic. If you are a collector of Olympic Memorabilia or if you are only interested in them; if you are connected to an Olympic or Sports Museum or if you are planning to develop one; if you are a researcher, sports journalist or simply passionate about the Olympic Movement. You are more than welcome to join Prolympo e.V. and gain access to our network of Olympic enthusiasts! In the future you may benefit from our activities, publications and exchange of information.

Annual fees

Single Membership for Collectors

Membership for Institutions

€ 20.00 per year

€ 60.00 per year

Singles Membership

You may apply for a single membership, if you are a collector, want to become a collector or if you are interested in the Olympic Movement and only want to follow our activities etc..


Institutional Membership

Museums, collections, sports associations, universities, schools and other institutional entities might apply for this kind of membership.