Olympic Memorabilia Project

Background"Hobbyism" is an important ‘bridge’ to Olympism for the general public. Encouragement of Olympic “Hobbyism” is important to both collectors and the Olympic Movement. Memorabilia is the most common source for Olympic collecting. Like all “collecting hobbies” (e.g.. stamps, coins, cards), there is a general decline of interest in such passive passtimes among younger, future collectors, which threatens the survival of these types of hobby. It is important to collectors, and to the Olympic Movement, that we find new and better methods of: a) attracting new collectors, and b) encouraging existing collectors.


VisionIt is the goal of Prolympo to assemble a collection of attractive, compelling publications that will engage potential collectors, and provide support for existing collectors. In general, there will be a pair of publications for each major segment of Olympic Memorabilia, an “Olympic Memorabilia Story Book” designed to capture the interest of the general, non-collecting public, and an “Olympic Collector's Catalog & Reference Guide” developed to provide an accurate, data-rich source of information on Memorabilia to aid them in their collecting efforts.


The leadership - To accomplish these objectives, a non-profit organization (Manaus-Group) has been set up under the guidance of Roberto Gesta de Melo to create, fund and manage this Project currently called the “Olympic Memorabilia Project“.

The topics are:

01 Olympic Posters          
02 Official Reports
03 Olympic Badges & Accreditations
04 Olympic Torches
05 Olympic Programs & Tickets
06 Olympic Mascots               
07 Olympic Medals & Diplomas              
08 National Olympic Committee Pins